Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Remember me and Google Street Side ?

Remember I made a post quite some time ago (April 22nd) with a video of me videoing the GoogleCar videoing me? And how we were locked in a time paradox of who was videoing the other while videoing the other? Well, they published there program for Calgary!...

Apart from this being the most cool web application I have ever seen (I really encourage everyone to really try it out, it is insane), I am now forever recorded recording being recorded recording.

Here I am. You can only see me if you are looking south down Varsity Estates Drive NW. If you are looking north, I disappear. They got two shots of the north view of Varsity Estates Drive as they turned into Varsity Estates Green, but they would have only taken one view looking directly east and south of me !!

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Dennis said...

Trev is forever immortalized in Google maps. :)

Here's another shot head-on. The zoom is impressive... I thought Canada requested Google to remove people from the shots for privacy reasons but maybe with a helmet and glasses it's ok.

Scott G-C said...

That is so wicked.

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