Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Cross-Country Skiing: Stay Tuned

As Lockie mentioned below, cross-country skiing is great cross-training, and a good break from the boredom of indoor training. I know several Speed Theory folks (including me) ski in the winter, and some others may want to try it out this year. So, once the snow really starts to fly, I propose a Speed Theory ski trip to the Canmore Nordic Centre. Although the snow cover can be a little sketchy, CNC has a few advantages:

1. A nice lodge for warming up and eating lunch.
2. Trails that are groomed for both classic and skate skiing.
3. A good variety of trails for both beginners and more advanced skiers.
4. Lessons available right on site.
5. Lots of good restaurants in Canmore for after-ski food and beverages.

Disadvantages? CNC does charge trail fees.

Anyone out there interested?


Rick C said...


Lockie said...

I'm down for that. Question is, will cc skiing pro-stars like Marilyn be down???

Marilyn said...

Will there be cookies?

Harley Borlee said...

I am going shopping for some skies and boots soon, so I will definitely but up for a ski day. Does anyone have any connections???

I want cookies too!!! (priorities)

Marilyn said...

Life Sport is the best place to buy new gear. They know their stuff there. If you are a member of Foothill Nordic you get a 10% discount. If you want to buy used skis there is sport swap store in Canmore next to Harvest that is good. The people don't know alot there so you have to know how to buy the best ski for you. I would buy from Life Sport. Also, there is a National Team skier that is currently selling his boots that are size 42 and 42.5. I don't know if they are classic or skate but he probably has both. Let me know if you want to be put in contact with him.

Trev said...

Marilyn knows XC skiing?? I thought she was a rower ?!? If we had a 'which skulling oars to buy' thread, I am sure she would be more useful :)


Darcy G said...

I would second Marilyn's advice to go to Lifesport. I bought new skis, boots, and poles from them last year and the service was great. The sales guy really took his time making sure I bought skis that had the right camber for my height and weight. I've only been on them a handful of times, but so far I'm really impressed. They're faster than my old skis by at least a third.

Joel said...

I'm interested. Want to try to get into xc skiing a bit this year. Thanks for the advice, I will check out Life Sport in the next few weeks and pick up some gear.

Harley Borlee said...

WHAT ABOUT THE COOKIES !!!! Lets get back on topic here people!

Marilyn said...

I will bring Kananaskis Cookies which are the best cookies in the world. What an appropriate name. You will have to ski for about 3 hours to burn one of them off though.

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