Sunday, November 22, 2009

Dan in Tempe

Dan did the swim in 1 hour 16:45, and the bike in 5 hours 5 mins 8 seconds (roughly 35.5kph for roughly 180 km). And the run in 4:32:57, finishing up at 11:04:48, knocking just shy of an hour off his previous PB!

Great work Slayer!


Dallas said...

Holy ! that's a long day in the hot seat.. all respect Slayer.
Nice work on the new PB

Scott G-C said...

Way to go Dan.

mikehealy said...

Nicely done Dan. Great bike split!

Jason said...

Congrats Dan! IM is always a hard day. Well done on the PB!


RobLukacs said...

just shy of an HOUR??? you're an animal

congrats slayer!

Darryl said...

20 minutes faster on the bike, good. 40 minutes faster on the run. Did you return the sparrow chest and toothpick arms you borrowed when you finished the race?

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