Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Cyclist commuter hit by SUV last night in NW

Does anyone have a name or any info on this. I hate when these things get reported and there is no name associated with it.



Thomas said...

Here is a couple of brilliant statements in the Herald:

{{A bicyclist is in hospital this morning after he collided with a small SUV in northwest Calgary last night, police say.}}

So it was the cyclist that collided with the SUV and not the other way around?

{{The SUV driver was not injured.}}

Thank goodness the cyclist didn't penetrate the walls of steel and injure the SUV driver...wtf?

Trev said...

Frank just emailed me want the city police had to say. Sounds like the all too typical driver not paying attention, or misjudging a cyclists speed, and turning left in front of them. I like how the Herald then turned it around and it was the cyclist that collided with the SUV.


On November 09, 2009 at approximately 6:15 pm, a bicyclist
was traveling northbound on 24th St at 25th Av Northwest when
a small SUV traveling southbound turned left in front of the
bicyclist resulting in a collision. The cyclist, a 45 year
old Calgarian, was transported to hospital in serious
condition. He was later upgraded to serious but stable
condition. The driver of the SUV was not injured. Police
have ruled out alcohol or drugs as a factor in this

Paul Anderson said...

Well technically it was the cyclist that hit the SUV if driver turned in front of the driver.

More importantly is the cyclist okay?

Dallas said...

What bothers me is despite the 'limited' avenues for cycling advocacy, our increased demand for user friendly streets, and our ever increasing user group... is when something like this happens, which it does and will happen throughout time..
We as cyclists are always confined to making 'our pionts' and our complaiants/ concerns on no name, no one listening, type blogs and forums such as this/

And sure, you write the Herald or whoever and tell them what they print is 'disrespectful' and 'bias' against our user group, and they're gonna say, " THANKS!, at least we got a rise out of somebody", because beside the victim in this case, or the next victim on the Multi System...

Who really cares ?
WHo is really making a difference for us out there ?. The bike stores ?. The Politicians ? Us ?


Join Today. Be heard.

Scott G-C said...

The person hit was a guy I know from Ridley's. He is a regular on there group ride, and I just got email from that group explaining a little bit that happened.

Message sent out to that group.

"Just so you know, Theo was hit by a car last night on his way home from work. He, as always, had on a front light, blinking rear light, helmet and enough reflective strips to be seen from space. Didn't seem to make much difference to the driver of the SUV.

The moral of the story: be vigilant always, drive for the other guy and have an escape route. Cars suck."

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