Tuesday, November 24, 2009

In response to who? (UPDATED)

[Edit Update] I was sent a 'clarification' email last night that was really insightful and pointed out that my team propaganda post was vacant of some of the facts that prompted this news story as well as some of the history of Alberta Cycling. While my post was meant basically to pump up our team members and get us all excited for another successful race season, I in no way wanted that to be at the expense of other teams. I believe the formation and support of more teams regardless of level and ability only leads to better racing in Alberta and should be encouraged. It also leads to more cyclists on the roads which will also hopefully lead to increased cyclist awareness from traffic. What I failed to include in my original post was the development of young cyclists, of which clubs with funding have had a very active role in for significant periods of time, and of which ST Cycling has been almost non-existent. We have done a good job in getting people racing that may not have had they not had a team like ST Cycling to join, and we have done a great job in teaching them to train and race and act like a race team, regardless of ability. Because we are a team that relies on its own funding, we tend to be predominately a team of racers that have their own means to afford racing, so our grassroots approach starts with riders that are usually not U23. I think having both types of clubs in the province is very important since it targets to distinctly different demographics and gets their butts in the saddle. My original post mainly was meant to state that once we HAVE these riders in the saddle, and because we are primarily a road racing club and can focus on road racing, I think we do the best job of getting our racers training and racing like a team. It has been apparent other clubs have had to start thinking more this way and that can only be good for Alberta Cycling. [Finish Update]

Here is the latest news feed from the ABA. This is great for Alberta cycling. The more teams training and racing AS A TEAM the better.

Personally I hope that Cyclemeisters who are looking to take Cat1/2 riders from existing clubs would spend the same amount of time getting their grassroots program training and racing as a team as well and develop a feeder network for themselves and other high level outfits. Recently Amy Woodward (Bow Cycle Pres) attended one of our team spins to see first hand the value in gathering the team together through the long winter. They are looking to start their own sessions. So it indicates to me that the grassroots development of team and race skills is catching on.

I wonder which team (in recent history) got the ball rolling and the momentum going from the ground up? :) This was the plan from the outset. Our cohesive approach to grassroots cycling and producing great racers within a tight team environment has forced other Albertan teams to respond. Great. The more competition, the better the competition. Let's race!


Thomas said...

Yeah Trev, I was thinking the same thing when I read that posting on the ABA site.

Dallas said...

Nah, you guys are reading too much into it... Debellfule just needs more cat 1/2 riders to tow him around the course, before he can try to sprint at the end.

( I hope he reads this )

Darcy G said...

Yep, ST has moved a lot of guys up through the categories this year. Let's keep up the good work.

Darcy (Cat 5 for life) G.

Dennis said...

I like how ST fills that gap for riders older than U23 or masters riders who want to race competitively. It's true that many clubs get casino/bingo funding for supporting younger riders (and younger riders get a break on ABA fees as well), but there is a large contingent of riders aged 25+ who support the ABA through membership funding and volunteering for races. Without this group of riders the number of calendar races would be drastically reduced for everyone.

Scott G-C said...

Speed Theory has done a great job or promoting and representing cycling in Alberta, and I am proud to be part of its organization.

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