Thursday, November 5, 2009

Cyclocross Provincials


Just a few days to go. Thank you to those of you who are helping me out this weekend.


I know the tech guide mentions that lapped riders will be pulled from the afternoon men's races.
But after talking to Jim Smith, he feels that he can keep track of the race well enough to allow lapped riders to continue. So, if you or anyone you know was hesitant to register because they didn't like the idea of having their race cut short by the speedy guys at the front, that should not be a problem now. Sign up, race, have fun. This is the last start line of the 2009 season you'll see.

Anyone unable to volunteer or race but still want to make a contribution? Drop off a plate of home baked goodies at the school on Sunday morning.

After this it's four months of easy riding. Yay, winter.



Scott G-C said...

wooooo hooooo last race of the year, can't wait.

Also I will bring extra cookies for the fans. But you have to come find me on the course to get one.

Dallas said...

I never volunteered for anything ?. But I'll be there anyways. I was plannign on shooting some Vid too, if anybody shoots some vid lets colaborate.

And I want to hear lots of heckling and profanities !

Scott G-C said...

Hey can any other volunteer car pool from anywhere near Beddington.

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