Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Winter Tires - What do you use

I've been riding to work for nearly 15 years. I've tried piles of tires for the winter but have yet to find the ultimate tire. I tend to put the bike away if it's too slipper (ice) but try to make it through if it just snow.

So, what do you use? What do you like?


Clarke E said...

I either ride a mountain bike or a cross bike with regular knobbies. This works for me since I ride on the pathways mostly in the winter. If it's icy on the pathways and I have to bail, at least I'm not going to get crushed by an SUV. I've looked into small studs and might go that way.

Then again, you could go with this: http://www.blogcdn.com/www.engadget.com/media/2006/12/ktrak-skibike.jpg. That might not be very good on dry pavement though...

Carson said...

You should check out MEC. They have two different types of studded tires. I used them as soon as the snow starts to fly and they work great.

this is the hard core version i use for the front, Schwalbe Ice Spiker 26 x 2.10 Wire Tire And then they have a slightly less aggressive version i use for the back.

They have lasted me at least 2 seasons so i believe the are worth the purchase if you plan on commuting every day.

Just expect to get a wicked work out... they dont roll like road tires :-)

Scott G-C said...

I have never personally used a spiked tire, I am sure they work great on ice, but I do not trust them on regular roads.

Dallas said...

The Shwalbe Ice Spikers are by the best Winter tire you will ever use.
nuff said.

Rick C said...

I use mountain bike tires in good condition. Nothing special, just good knobbies. Works for everything but serious ice. Keeping your tire pressure lower helps. Only wiped out once.
When it gets really icy I do put the studded tires on. Have them mounted on an old set of wheels. Actually, all winter commuting is done on old crappy wheels cause of the salt. Only used them about 4 days last year. The studs can go straight up icy slopes you can't even walk up. But they are sloowww.

IceCreamSoldier said...

I switch to my mountain bike, and it's got IRC Trailbears. Those tires are the most amazing all-round tire I've ever used. They're amazing in snow, dirt, slush, mud, whatever.

They're no where near as good as studded tires on ice though. So my strategy with ice? Avoid it, or go slow.

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