Monday, November 9, 2009

What's your cross-training going to be?

Take it from can't ride hard year-round, and not burn out. Trev is the exception that proves the rule. So what are you going to do for cross-training, to keep fit while you're off the bike?

Cross-country skiing is a good option: a solid leg workout and good cardio for damn sure. We can try organizing something once the snow gets good.

Another option is speed skating. Calgary Speed Skating has introductory lessons for very cheap ($50 total I think?). It's called the Absolute Speed Program, and it runs for 4 sessions. One round of sessions start this weekend. Dates are November 14, 17, 21 and 24. Last year they also did a December program, but my advice is to start early, because the speed skating season is short! You can email for more info, or go to

Edit: here are a couple of pics of my instructor from last year, Alexandra Ianculescu. She's fast.

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Scott G-C said...

I would also like to suggest some group snowshoe as a fun cross training event.

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