Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Tucson Riding - Day 3 (March 29th)

Saguaro National Park and Collosal Caves
Today was a great day of riding. It was a shorter day (only 100km), but wth a fierce headwind on the way out and some fun little climbs, and great company it was a great day. We headed out east of Tucson on a great road called Old Spanish Trail. We did a short 8 mile loop in Saguaro National Park. This loop is amazing, the roads are smooth, with very little traffic that winds and climbs through mature desert and there are portions that are FAST!

Everyone was in good form and in great spirits. After a long upward climb in a stiff headwind we stopped for a leisurely lunch in Vale and then make the climb up to Colossal Cave Mountain Park - again a great section of road.

We finished with a high speed, low effort, tail wind ride home - making us all (but especially Chester) feel like a superstar.

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