Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Tucson Camp - Day 4 (March 30th)

Today a smaller group did a 120km ride south and west of Tucson. We started by climbing sentinel peak (A-Mountain) to get a view of our surroundings. Then we headed west and climbed up to Gates Pass. We decended and headed south past Old Tucson to the San Xavier Mission.

The Mission is an amazing place. It was established in 1692 by Jesuit Missionaries and you are half expecting you are in a scene from the Good, the Bad and the Ugly and someone is going to start shooting at you from the bell tower.

After we left the Mission we headed southwest along a local race route called "the shoot-out" which heads up on a low gradient into the headwind for approximately one-million miles. :)

We were happy to reach Helmet Peak Rd where we headed east to the Old Nogales Highway. But unhappy to find the wind had rotated around and we had to battle a cross-head wind all the way home.

Overall a great day in blazing hot desert sun!

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