Thursday, May 6, 2010

Penticton Bike Tour/Wine Camp Days 6 and 7

Day Six

By the time Day Six and Seven come around we’re pretty much as pro as it gets. Sponsors are calling and we got a free ride. Right? Both days have their challenges with Day Seven being the longest day of the week, but first, Day Six. It’s hill repeat day!!! Yaaaay!!! Cyclops there. Cyclops there. Both rides will head north to Summerland and then hit Giant’s Head- a tight, switchback, steep climb where you can see the rider above you or below you depending on your headspace- the climb will test your brain for sure. Because both groups are riding together we’ll climb Giant’s Head twice and then continue on with the ride. When we go through Summerland on the way back, those who are up for it can challenge Giant’s Head a couple more times. The ride overall is pretty isolated and it kind of gave me the creeps during the past two times I’ve done it, like banjo-in-the-background creeps. The distance is around 90km so we’ll be back home with lots of time for afternoon cocktails. The linked map isn't exactly accurate of where we will ride but we'll make sure no one gets lost.

Day Seven

The Awesome-Rad category ride on Day Seven totally rocks out so much that you need a passport. So bring your passport! We’re heading south to the land of IHOPs and Waffle Houses. The ride takes us south of Osoyoos and across the US border. From there we scoop down and over and come back into Canada on the other side of Richter’s Pass. Then we follow the Ironman course back to Penticton. You will never taste better Beef Jerky and Beaver Buzz when we stop in Keremeos. The ride distance is 210kms.

The Rad category ride will take on the epic Apex climb on Day Seven. It’s simple: ride up to Apex from Penticton and then ride down. Up and down. Seventy kilometres. And 11km of climbing that will make you cry. Just ask Jared. But then the ride down is one of the funnest (I make up words sometimes) descents you’ll ever do. Just make sure to ride the brakes down the first 11km part and then let it rip.

Now that we have all the rides on the table, whose coming with us? Drop your name and the first day you’re riding in the comments section of this post; for example, Carson Bannon: Sunday. I know some people will begin riding on Sunday (Mark, Carson, Ryan, Marilyn, Simon F., Natalie, Mike H.), some on Tuesday (Jared) and then some on Thursday (Frank, Trev and Lockie). Also, if anyone is interested, Carson, Mark and I are going on a ride Saturday, May 15, out of Revelstoke. We’ll swing by the Tim Horton’s by Hwy 1 around 9:30 a.m. to see if anyone is there. Finally, please ask any questions you may have about the trip in the comments section as well. I will have a final blog entry early next week before everyone heads out with some general trip info. We're 10 sleeps until Day 1.


Simon F said...

Simon Forman: Sunday

Anonymous said...

Mike Healy: Sunday. I'll also look for you in Revelstoke for coffee.

Carson said...

Carson... there!

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