Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Tucson Day 2

The group got much larger today. Chester and Paul arrived yesterday afternoon and Alan, after many planes trains and automobiles arrived sans bike. He spent the evening on the phone and determined that his bike may or may not arrive in the morning. Fortunately, it did and we were off for a 135km ride in the desert. Gates pass, Painted Rock , and in and out of tha Sanguaro park. An absolutely fabulous ride. The temp was 79 degrees f... do the math. Stephen kicked my butt up the A Mountain but he split off for a shorter ride.

Lots of good suffering as with wind and the heat took its toll on the group.


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Lockie said...

Wish I was there, guys - sounds awesome!! And it will sound even better when the temp here goes back into the single digits tomorrow...

Stephen, great to hear you're in fine form. I look forward to seeing your back wheel at a race soon! :)

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