Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Clothing Order is ready to go ! DEADLINE FEB. 13th

Thomas has created a super slick interface that makes my Excel Spreadsheet method of the last 3 years look like a 2nd grader made it. As you peruse through the interface, you can see we decided to keep the huge amount of different types of clothing options so you can get exactly what you want.

Things to note about this order:

- Champion has released another option for their chamois. The 'Performance' pad is the traditional chamois that has been offered the last several years, while the 'Endurance' pad is the new offering. Thomas and I decided we would let you decide which one you can order since his interface made it relatively easy to make this additional option.

- We only plan on doing ONE accessory order. Order your accessories in this order.

- The deadline is Feb. 13th. In the past, because the collating and cross-checking would take incredible amounts of time, some people were lucky to sneak in their order up to a week late. I don't think this will happen this time, as Thomas' interface computes a ready-made report that we simply have to manually enter into Champions own 2nd grader spreadsheet. So please try to process your order before the deadline.

- In order to start a mass start road race as a team member, you need at least a jersey to show your affliation. Last year's jersey is fine as well if you don't want to purchase a new one. The ABA allows close versions of the jersey inside the same peloton.

- You must be an STC member to order clothes.

- We are excited about the new design and hope it looks as awesome in the peloton as it does in the pictures!



Em said...

Hey - any of the women order bibs? I've not worn one before but wonder if the cut of the women's bibs are decent? Thanks!


Emilie said...

Hey Emily!

I've been wearing bibs all summer/fall and LOVE them. I am going to buy another pair ;))

(although if you tend to have to stop often for bathroom breaks I don't recommend them....)


Em said...

Thanks for the feedback Emilie! I'll give them a try!

Kyle Marcotte said...

Sorry if this is a repeat question but there was a little confusion at our spin last night.

Will we still be able to race in our jerseys from 2008 and before?

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