Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Speed Theory Cycling AGM Jan 13th at 7pm.

I hope it will be another exciting year for STC and would like it if most made it out to mingle, discuss plans, get pumped, meet new members, and convince potential members that we are the club to join.

Come hungry. Free food. One beer if driving, several if you have a driver.

The point of the meeting isn't to bore everyone with particulars. It is a social event with a quick little 'We are here, let's go here' in the middle.

We are going to be collaborating a fair bit with the Crankmasters again this year, so if you are a Crankmaster, come on out and enjoy yourself.

Tentative Agenda

1.) Quick year in review: - Trev with Mike 'Tower' G. telling some of stories.
2.) What we learned from hosting a billion races and where I would like I to go from there: - Trev
3.) Focus of the club: - Cat5 recruitment, skills development, and gathering racing experience. Ideas on how to have a sustainable 'development ride' - Darcy, others
4.) Focus of the club: - Women recruitment and getting them racing. We need some action here. Formulate some ideas for this one.
5.) 'The Wheelers Ride': - Trev's current pet project for an overall Calgary-wide skills development, race-honing ride for all clubs (hence not calling it the Speed Theory ride) of all levels. Modeled after the 'theory behind' the Victoria ride that taught Trev skills, etiquette, nutrition, etc, all while being challenging for all levels.
6.) Unveiling of the new jersey: Thomas has once again been at the drafting board cooking up awesomeness. - Thomas
7.) Penticton Training Camp: With the massive success of last year, this is the 'go to' camp. - Ryan
8.) Races:
A.) Spring Classic Series: [PR on April 17th (upon approval), Acme TT w/ the Crankys],
B.) Jason Lapierre Memorial Aug. 6th and 7th.,Let's discuss and create a race board now.
C.) Wednesday Night Race Series: - Mike H.
D.) BK Memorial Cross: Keith to hand over reigns to a pudding race director.

If you are a potential member and would like to come to get a feel for the club, make sure show up.

If you would like something else on the agenda, let me know and I will amend this post.



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