Monday, January 24, 2011

Trans Andes Challenge in Chile .. Good luck Rick, Craig and Pat

Results after Stage 3:

Solo Men: Pat Doyle 3rd, Craig Marshall 6th
Solo men 46+: Rick Metzger 3rd

Nice work guys! Keep it up.

Rick Metzger (STC), Craig Marshal and Pat Doyle (Deadgoad) traveled down to Chile on Friday to compete in the 6-stage mountain bike epic race through Chili!

Hopefully will keep covering it. Here is their first story from today. Here is their rolling coverage.

Here is the website of the event in case you wanted to see what terrain and locations the guys will be racing.

I see Andres Hestler is on the registered list. That guy must have competed in more MTN bike stage races than anyone on the planet.

We'll keep you guys updated.


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