Friday, January 7, 2011

Double Rainbow in Tucson

There's a few of us down here for some training. I personally feel very lucky to able to get away from the drudgery of training inside the garage. Not gloating, I just feel very lucky to be able to be here.
My first ride was yesterday. Lockie, Trev, Paul Stephen and myself set out. Trev has been quite sick since he arrived and bailed out after doing 'A' Mountain (a 2km steep painful hill). Paul kicked his ass going up so I think he was demoralized. Having only one functioning lung it might have been wise. Paul and Stephen did a short ride as they had been putting in some large days previously. Lockie and I tried to beat each other into the ground by hammering up Gates Pass and tootling around Old Tucson for a 90km day.
The weather was perfect at around 17 or 18 degrees. Not hot enough to go swimming but perfect for riding.
Today is an easy day in Saguaro park which is a double rainbow ride. This is preparation for 200km Rando event on Saturday.

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