Sunday, January 23, 2011

Thomas, Darcy, Penticton, and the JayLap Crit!

Quick general update:

Thomas has been hard at work creating a front end ordering system for our clothing order. This will make the ordering process much much easier for everyone. I think we are the only club to offer the crazy amount of clothing options and it has been a monumental task for Thomas and I every round of ordering. Please thank Thomas when you see him for his recent long hours attempting to somewhat automate this process and still provide club members with all the options.

On that note, we will be doing an 'accessory' order this round. This means your opportunity to order knee warmers, gloves, winter gloves, arm warmers, and booties. Because of the minimums associated with these, this will be the only order to include accessories, so order now or forever hold your peace.

Darcy has been working his political prowess to the max and has been hard at work getting approval for the Prairie-Roubaix and the JayLap Provincial ITT. There are several governing bodies that all have to be aligned for this and it amazes me how good he is.

I received word from the city that we have pending approval (conditional on me filling out one more 20 page application form) for the JayLap Criterium downtown again!! The city was really happy with our event last year (how could they not be?) and is looking forward to seeing its evolution this year. Bigger kid's race, more racers, and more spectators.

Ryan's Penticton training camp is taking shape and receiving a lot of interest as usual. He will be tantalizingly releasing updates to routes and confirmed participants as the weeks go on. Make sure to book your accommodations soon. Just a clarification of a question I have been receiving, the camp goes for the week, but STC members are welcome to come participate for any length of time they desire or are able. No minimums, we just want people to get out on the road with us and ride!

Keep a close eye on the blog for the clothing order,


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