Saturday, June 30, 2012

STC Straightline, Downhill (but not downwind) Prologue

We had a perfect afternoon for our Prologue Challenge. Mostly sunny and next to no wind.

To recap what the pros did, their race was 6.4km through downtown Liege, basically flat with two full roundabouts. Our course 6.4km west of the city, net elevation drop of 83 metres, so a pretty fair fight! Spartacus managed a time of 7:13 and an average speed of around 53 kph. The last place finisher was Roy Curvers (Ned) with a time of 8:19 and average speed around 46 kph.

Both Dennis & Rick not only beat the last place pro, they would have tied or beaten the likes of Ivan Basso, Tom Danielson, Chris Horner & Frank Schleck (again assuming the pros ride a flat course with roundabouts). Nice work gents! Darcy came close to beating the last place pro (if he hadn't passed up the hold and/or been able to clip in faster might have been the difference).
Ernie & Dan rounded out the group.

A big shout out to Frank & his wife Sandy for coming to help volunteer and giving up a good chunk of their Saturday on this long weekend!

Dennis  7:43:81 avg speed 49.5kph
Rick      7:47:42
Darcy    8:22:58
Ernie     9:08:34
Dan      9:21:20

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Rick C said...

Big thanks to Mike for letting me use my TT bike full aero on a beautiful day.

And all contract offers will be considered.

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