Friday, February 6, 2009

2 goals done, 1 to go.

Well, we got in our two 100+ km preliminary rides yesterday and today, tomorrow is the 'big show'.

Near the end of each ride, Lachlan can't stop saying stuff like, "Crikey guys, I'm fairdinkum bushed. I just waltzed my Matilda through the outback and off a cliff." But if you look into his eyes, you get the sense he is just playing his cards close to his chest. He is ready.

On the ride today, Stephen told us a story about how he told a wicked story on a ride once. It took him about 30min to tell us about how he told that story. I kind of wish he had just told us the story.

Today we rode into Saguaro National Park, which has an 8 mile one way, perfectly paved lane that loops through this great hilly desert area. It was like riding for 8 miles on a race circuit made for motorbikes.

I hope to post some videos soon. The first one is of Stephen starting the 8 mile loop in the park. The second showcases Lachlan's devastating sprint while we were heading back to Stephen's place in town.

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Paul Anderson said...

Guys: All the best for the big day. After 300kms i'll be surprised if Lachie if saying anything at all.

Ride safe, draft for stephen for the first 100kms and then try to stay on his wheel for the next 200!

Wish i was there with you all.


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