Friday, February 13, 2009

Today is the day....THE DEADLINE.

OK, after today.. all current members better forever hold your peace regarding race clothing for early season racing. Have your spreadsheet emailed to me and your cheque to ST by closing time tonight.

Because our roster has exploded, this has turned into a significant amount of work for me. Therefore, I will appreciate no one asking to be an exception after today. If you miss this deadline, it doesn't mean you don't get clothes.. it just means you miss this initial order. We will probably do another order at the end of April, since we typically get another run of sign-ups when the weather gets nice out.

NOTE: if you honestly CANNOT make it to the store by closing time tonight, then you can interac me the money to the same email address on the spreadsheet. This will work but just means extra bookkeeping work for me.

NOTE: Have a look at the 2009 Current Roster.  WOW.



Carson said...

Dang, nice team. You guys are going to clean up this year. When I come back to Calgary will there still be room for me?

Speed Theory Admin said...

Is your Beer Mile time still sub 8min? If so, there will always be room on the team for you.

polishbaba said...

Carson we love you. And you can always join the women.

AAR said...

What's the ETA on the arrival of the kit?

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