Sunday, February 8, 2009

Size Kit for Team Wear?

Is there any chance that the size kit for the team wear will make it to the shop by Friday? I'd really like to try on a small and a medium race cut before making the final decision. I suspect I can get away with a small due to my massive 5' 6", 122 lb frame. The only guy in the province I can't draft behind is Michael Godfrey. I tried once: it didn't work.



Trev said...

I am unaware of another sizing kit coming in, did Darcy from the store mention something about this?


Darcy G said...

No, he didn't. I noticed on the Champion System website that, if requested, they will send send full size sample runs once the deposit is received.

Trev said...

Yah, they agreed to do the sketches for us with just a $250US down payment. This is because we are in a special circumstance that we don't have the money for a deposit until we collect the orders from team mates (as opposed to a pro team that can just cut them a big cheque). The sizing kit they sent was kind of like a 'good faith' kind of thing, but we couldn't really expect them to send a ton of merchandise.

Darcy G said...

No worries. After measuring up some of my current jerseys I'm pretty confident smalls will work for me. Thanks!

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