Friday, February 27, 2009

March 11 spin for Suunto, and ?? spin for yoga instruction.

The Suunto rep is coming to our spin class on March 11th. He is going to hook everyone up to an HR 'pod' where it wirelessly transmits to a small basestation and displayed on a big LCD at the front of the room. He is going to put us through a workout and everyone can see their performance relative to everyone else. Should be neat to see.

Anyway, you have to fill out a form and send it to him with Name and Max HR and few more things, I will post that soon. If non-spinners are interested in this, let me know and we'll see what our response is.

Also, I am going to schedule Kelly Goss, yoga (almost) guru to teach us what we should actually be doing after workouts and in between. I will let you know the date soon. We'll have a short 60min hard spin that night and then set up and have the instruction from 7:35 on.


Lockie said...

Sounds awesome. Way to go, organizing that. Family dinner night or not, I'll be there!

Scott G-C said...

Sounds great,

I guess we are finally going to see who is slacking more in the class ... Mark or Rui.


Mark said...

Hey, watch it Scott or Rui and I will need to put you in your place.

So my big question is ... how do I determine my max heart rate? This should be interesting.

Thanks Trev for putting these two special spin nights together.

Scott G-C said...

That is ok Mark, I am just try to distract people from the sad numbers that my lazy butt is going to put up.

RobLukacs said...

This is awesome Trev, can't wait.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, thanks Trev...especially looking forward to the yoga night.

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