Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Sneek Peek

As it turns out, Thomas is an amazing graphic artist! As soon as I saw his handy work below, I emailed him and asked if he could help get the ball rolling on the new RACE TEAM jersey design since Champ-SYS won't do anything until they receive our deposit (which is on the way). Anyway, he said sure. So I told him basically what I had in mind and he created these upgrades. Alex and I think the best kit in Alberta just got a wicked upgrade.

So, disclaimer:  This is just an 'artists rendering' of what we want the jersey/bibs kit to look like. What Champ-Sys can do with this is still to be determined. I will be posting the official version as soon as Champ-Sys takes this design and makes it realizable. I am just so excited about this upgrade I wanted to share it with everyone. We haven't done ANYTHING with the rest of the clothing, this is all we have right now.

Thanks Thomas, I think these came together really really well.


Rob said...

Ok, First off, Thomas is maddeningly skilled in the graphics department. A HUGE hats off and thanks.

I'm pretty stoked about the kits even at this stage of the game. They look pretty bad ass.

Through some surreptitious connections we got a glimpse of the new bow cycle gear. It's got nothing on us.

Now if I can just figure out my size...

Anonymous said...

Excellent work. Had you considered centering the RACE TEAM instead of keeping it left, although it looks good as is.

Trev said...

We tried centering it and it didn't look as good. Several years ago, we had white Speed Theory jerseys and they had 'Race Team' on them and they were centered, so I compared that one to this design and this one looks more pro.

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