Sunday, February 8, 2009

300KM Arizona Brevet Update

-Up at 4:30 AM for a 6:00 AM start

-Watched Trev eat a Zillion calories at breakfast and get on his bike and ride to the start - amazing

-25- 30 riders at the start

-After the car leading us out of town pulled over the group took off hard. I have never seen a Randonneur event start off so hard.

-Things settled down by the first check point 70km into the ride and the Speed Theory team settled into a rhythm working with two other riders (Paul and Mike) to the next check point

-We hit our stride in the hills and stayed out front relying on the GPS to keep us on the course. Paul (Entered in solo RAAM this year) and Mike were constantly in the background behind us.

-Lockie had his 1st crash of the year before the first check point, nothing serious and with a soft landing. (He can tell the story)

- We grabbed a great tail wind as we headed back north which shifted around to a head and cross wind for the backend of the ride. Trev did long pulls for a part of this as Lockie and I dealt with bonking and general suffering. We recovered, and all three of us were back in the game for the push home.

-We came off the course losing some time but found our way back on to the course and into Casa Grande.

-Total riding time was 9 hours 20 minutes; total ride time was 9:55.

-Average speed while riding, 33km per hour.

-My normalized watts for the whole ride, 225 (Short of Alex’s 370)

- Trev looked like he could run a fast 10k today and Lockie was feeling so good that he said he might even consider doing another Randonneur event (Last night this was his first and last)

-I’m cooked, that was a very fast 300km event for any time of the year let alone early February

-Well organized event, good hospitality and strong Arizona riders

- Toatsed Dianna's birthday with our water bottles on the ride. Not sure of her age but does great play lists for the spin classes

-Video to follow

- Next year we should bring down 10 riders



Scott G-C said...

Sounds like a great time, I would totally look at that for next year.

Anonymous said...

Hey guys! Congrats on the ride...what superstars!! Thanks for the water-bottle birthday toast. Very thoughtful (if true!) in the midst of all that suffering! Cheers,
Diana :-)

Tom 'Chicken Legs' Kenny said...

Lockie is dilusional apparently suffering from "threehundredkilometeritus". This is the false belief that doing another 300km ride is a 'good' idea. I've experienced this myself. It often manifests itself by my brother convincng you that you had 'fun' even though your brain and body is telling you something entirely different.
Well done. 300 in sub 10 hours is very impressive!

DalRock said...

wow! nice work.

ya see guys, afther that 800km non-stop doesn't sound so hard eh! right?.

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