Tuesday, February 3, 2009

300km of Stephen's event.

As most of you know, Stephen, Lachlan, and I are headed down this week to compete in a 300km event between Tucson and Pheonix. We hope to lead Lachlan out for a sprint victory. Stephen has brought a little 'Spot' transponder that updates a website with his GPS location every 10min, and shows a route taken. I will figure out a link to that here as soon as I get it. This will maybe help you get through a long trainer ride knowing that we only have 260km left in our ride or something.

A link to the event is here. Check out the elevation profile.

See you at Monday's spin. I will be walking around encouraging that night, so if you have any 'fit' questions, bring them along.



Rob said...


Are you riding up Everest?

Have you received your PhD from the Kenny School of Suffering?

Are you pumped?

Good Luck Guys.

DalRock said...

wow that's really cool.
'instant bike tan' after that ride. I'm jealous.

Scott G-C said...

What is most awesome is that it only cost $20 to enter.

If you don't include the flight and food.

Anonymous said...

Good luck you guys!! I'll be cheering for you (at the same time I'll be questioning your sanity. After all, who in their right mind would do this kind of thing for fun??!!)
May the force be with you...
Diana :-)

Thomas said...

Yeah thats gonna be a gnarly ride. Those spot gps units look pretty slick. Make sure you post the link so we can track you guys.

Lockie said...

Stephen just took Trev and I for a tour of the area and some of the local sections of the ride. We did a few hills for a warm-up (out of the seat warm-up sound familiar to anyone), and I was hitting 95% HR any time we saw another cyclist in the distance. After that we had a long stretch with the wind, and some motor-pacing from motorcycles...I felt like a cycling god. Then we turn back into the wind, reality hit like a ton of bricks, and I limped home, with Trev riding a strong pace through the rollers, and Stephen, well, riding like Stephen does.

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