Monday, February 2, 2009

Champion Sys Detailed Jersey/Bib Specs

*Updated with Bib specs*

According to the Champion Sys website my hulking 37" chest would be a size small race cut jersey. I found this a bit suspect and I didn't want to order a small and end up with a belly button shirt. So I emailed them to inquire. They sent me this PDF with detailed measurements of all aspects of the mens race cut jersey. According to this doc my massive chest may warrant a small jersey but the length of the small would reveal my middrift like a khazak fashionista. I think I better go with the medium.

Download the Jersey pdf here and the Bib Shorts pdf here

They also said if you are ordering jacket or vest to order the same size as your race cut jersey.


Scott G-C said...

So I have to get a xxxxl just to get these guns through the arm hole.

Anonymous said...

I'm going to look like cousin Eddy from Vegas Vacation.

Rod M.

Anonymous said...

If I go by the chart measurements then I am a medium however I tried on the large race cut jersey in the store and a large fits me just right. Don't go by the chart alone.

Rob said...

man, I am soooo confused.

Thomas said...

I went down to Speed Theory and tried on the Large as well. It would actually work and not look terrible even though technically I'm a small. It is a touch loose around the chest on me but the rest seems to fit fine. I'm going to go with the medium though to keep the chest a bit more snug.

I would suggest trying on the Large one they have at the shop just to have real world baseline to go from.

Dan Sigouin said...

I just want to know who took the picture of me and edited out all of the chest hair!

Tom said...

Now I don't know any of you so I won't be call you on "That's my chest" but I want to know who took the phot of my legs?

I'm new to the team (Brother Stephen you may already know). Looking forward to connecting with some of you in the coming weeks.

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