Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Clothes, ABA License, Penticton Camp, Ride leaders

Guys, the clothes have been ordered !! They indicated that getting the clothing for the second week in April will be no problem. So we should have it well in advance of any races. Hopefully not in advance of us getting outside and riding.

Re: getting outside and riding. Now is the time to apply for your ABA Race License. To participate in the group rides, you MUST be a CURRENT ABA member. This is unfortunately an 'insurance thing' and we have to be firm on it. If we call a group training ride, and someone shows up without an ABA license, everyone in the group forgoes their insurance if they end up riding together. Therefore, to be fair to the group, get your ">license here.

Ryan has put together a great and enticing document regarding our ST Cycling week in Penticton. I am going to string some wicked suggested rides together for it, and we'll post it. Should be a great time. Ryan and I are swinging this be inviting our wives and kids along, may be a good way for you to get away too!

Group training rides and acquiring ride leaders. Since I am looking forward to the spring as much as most of you, I am thinking of how to continue with our high club quality with this explosion of new members. We are going to require at least 7 riders to commit to riding at a set time and place once a week, so we can get the Cat5's out and learning how to race. If you are a Cat2,3 or 4 or a veteran Cat5, please start thinking when and how you can do this, so when I call for volunteers, you can sign up. You can work on pace lining, intervals, pack riding skills, etc... but we need to get people out and training together. We will also have a Cat 1/2/3 only training night each week this year, so we can learn to race with each other as well.


Anonymous said...

The 1/2/3 night sounds like a good idea.
If there are a group of riders in the south that would like to go out I would be willing to lead a group. West Calgary would be fine as well but the north may be a bit of a stretch for me to get there.

Rod M.

Anonymous said...

I am hoping that someone wants to ride down south on a regular basis so let me know if anyone is way down that way once we get going!

Scott G-C said...

Sounds good.

I have no problem committing to leading or co-leading a weekly cat 5 ride.


matt said...

I'm not sure if there is anyone leading the rides up north but i know of a sweet ride just out behind tuscany. I live right by there and i ride this loop all the time, hardly any traffic and would be perfect for training. (although its only about a 10km loop, good for crit training) if any of the leaders are interested i'll send you a map.

Anonymous said...

I can run rides from my house on Tuesdays and Thursdays (10 minutes from Lower Spring Bank Road). Once there's enough light we can leave around 6:30 - 7:00.

I've done some riding in the past but I'm a new cat 5 guy so some leadership would be great.


Rob said...

I will gladly lead cat5 rides. In fact, I'm pretty stoked to do it.

Scott G-C said...

Here is an article that is a pretty good guideline of how to ride in a group.



Darcy G said...

Any thoughts about splitting the Cat5s into a 'north' and 'south' ride?

RobLukacs said...

I'm happy to lead a few rides, and definitely get out with the 4's and 5's for pacelining and pack riding. I'm up in the north so that works easiest for me. I have no problems getting out towards Springbank though either.

Pretty stoked for the new threads

Dan Sigouin said...

I'm pretty stoked to be Rob L's lead out man, I just hope when the girls are trying to get his autographs and photo's he thinks of his wing men once in a while.

I'm in for the north rides. My schedule is pretty bad so hopefully the rides will not be Tuesday - Thursday, I teach at SAIT those nights.

Can't wait for the threads wither.


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