Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Announcements ... Announcements ... Anounce ... ments (you must sing it)

Hey all, so there are a couple items that you should all be excited about:

Monday/Wednesday Spin Celebration - Monday, March 23rd - After spin

Who: All Monday/Wednesday spin participants

Location: Diana's house - Somewhere in Silver Springs ???

After spin class on Monday, Diana will be hosting a celebration at her place. Don't worry about bringing food or drink, as some of our spin fees will be used to purchase snacks and BEvERages. Come out and remenisce about Mark and Rui's constant bantering about who is the better cyclist, how Mitsy's flywheel almost killed people when it came flying off, when Andy showed his true power by destroying his derailer, how Trev would always make it seem like the workout was almost over and then would add on another killer set, the countless times that Diana asked for the music to be cranked or whatever else was your favourite experience. Trev ... Diana will be providing the playlist for the evening.

Please RSVP by posting a comment so we can figure out how much supplies are needed.

The Retreat Road Rumble 16 km ITT - Wednesday, March 25th - 6:00 pm (weather dependent)

Who: All Cat 4/5 Gents and Women who plan to race this summer

Location: Intersection of Hwy 1A (Crowchild Trail if you have never left the city) and Glen Eagles Drive/Retreat Road. There is lots of room for parking when you turn north on to Retreat Road.

Yes, you read it right ... are you ready to rumble? While a little competition is always fun, the key purpose of this "race" is to figure out groups for the training camp that the Stephen Kenny will be providing and to make sure that we can optimize our future training rides. With such a diverse group of Cat 4/5 and Women, it is important to ensure that we are grouping people together in a way that will challenge everyone but also help so people don't get frustrated by being dropped because they are riding with individuals who are at a different level (I remember my first ride with Jared, Steve G and Dan ... not a great experience).

You can either drive out and warm-up on-site (trainer or the hill) or a bunch of us can meet at the Rocky Ridge Co-op (Crowchild Tr and 12 Mile Coulee Rd) at 5:15 and then ride out to warm up. If you are planning on riding out from Co-op, make sure to be there and ready to go right at 5:15.

Even if you are not in Cat 4/5 or one of our talented female racers, come out and cheer on our grassroots contigent and get them excited about the delicious smorgasboard know as our racing schedule. Hmmmmmm ....

Stay tuned for updates as we get a more accurate weather forecast for the evening.


Finally, I want to say a big thank you to Trev for putting together some monstrous spins this winter. While I may complain about the music, I am certain that everyone can agree that we are going to hit the road much stronger and faster this spring. Thanks to Alex and Simon for being scape goats and stepping up to lead us when Trev was not able to make it out. Finally, thanks to everyone who put together the many amazing playlists and the group for the laughs to balance out the pain.


matt said...

I'll be at Diane's! see you guys there.

DalRock said...

I concur, the spin Jams have been one of the best ways to purge the Christmas cookie calorie pain train.
I can make it to both events I'm pretty sure. barring snowstorm.

Trev said...

I will be at the Coop to ride out there.

I have modified my TT position to provide people behind me zero draft. It is easier for me to look behind through my legs now then forward.


clarkeellis said...

I'll be at the Coop for the ride out. I believe Steve Pickett will be there too.


Simon said...

I'll be there (both places on Mon/Weds) - stock up on the chocolate milk Guinness for Monday night though.

Scott G-C said...

Awesome, I will be at both events.

Lockie said...

I'll be at both. Wednesday may even be my new bike's debut...let's see how many minutes it shaves off my slow-motion TTs.

RobLukacs said...


Anonymous said...

Hey all,
I'm glad some of you will be able to make it on Monday night. Should be fun. Fyi, I live in Varsity Estates, just down the road from Speed Theory.
Diana :-)

Rick M said...

Mitzi and I will be at Diana's...

Jared Green said...

I will stop by after the spin for a quick drink.


Anonymous said...

I'll be at Diana's for a quick BEvERage.


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