Monday, March 23, 2009

Post spin get together.

Diana has her house all prepped like Studio 54 in New York... should be a good night,

I'll try to make the spin 1hour. Expect it to be a hard 60min. Then stumble over here.

If you can't make the spin, be at Diana's around 7:45pm.

I told Diana that Me and Simon like Guiness and that Mark is probably a Coors Light type of dude, that Rui is probably a Pilsner guy, Ryan will only drink Spritzers, and that Bonnie and Tracy will drink anything as long as they have exactly the same thing.  Hopefully I am right.


Mark said...

While I went through a Coors light period in my life, I am definitely a Guinness guy. I like my beer not to look and smell like pee ... just saying.

Dan said...

Who's brining the scotch!

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