Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Thanks Trev


Thanks for organizing another great year of spin classes! Without you, we would be sluggish and weak, because let's be honest, we have zero discipline to put ourselves through the hours of pain and treachery on our own.

Without a doubt Rui and Mark might actually have a chance to keep up with the last guy in the peloton this year, Rob has learned the in's and out's of windtrainer maintenance and Dianna has shown us all that playlists CAN be upbeat and motivating at the same time.

We're looking forward to the upcoming season of great racing!!


matt said...

dido... what he said. I'm looking forward to it too Trev. Thanks for being so willing to help the new guys get into such a wicked sport!

Anonymous said...

Yes , thank you very much Trevor, man I thought I had a pretty good internal furnace but nothing combared to a fellow that can "wring out his shoes" after the trainer work-outs.
And thanks to Diana and all the music buffs who made the time go quickly.

See ya on the trails


Lockie said...

Yeah, Trev! Wicked spins. Great to have a structured, race-specific ramp to the season...and for a steal! Thanks.

Anonymous said...

THANK YOU SO MUCH TREV. You did such an excellent job keeping us all motivated and excited about cycling. I love how you are so inclusive and welcoming to all the spinners. You created a great environment, a very supportive and united team, and it was fabulous to have MW nights to look forward to over the winter. Thanks to all you spinners, too. It was lots of fun hanging out with you guys.
Diana :-)

Scott G-C said...

Never have I been able to stay so focused over the winter. I now know why Andy has been hitting the road so fast in the early spring. A big thanks to Trev for bring should a great group of people together, it speak volumes to who you are.

And I would like to say as the most likely the last guy in the peloton, I would be happy to ride with Mark and Rui.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, must agree with everyone - a huge thanks to Trev for awesome workouts and super motivation to get us strong through the long dark nights of winter!
Roll on race time!!!
Cheers once again Trev - and to everyone else who makes the spin nights such a gruelling, yet fun way to spend a couple of hours!

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