Sunday, March 8, 2009

Tucson Bicycle Classic

Hi everyone.

Some of you know I've been here in Tucson for the last ten days or so. I've been putting in some miles, enjoying the sunshine and doing a little racing.

Since I've been flying the ST colours down here I thought I'd update you all with a brief race report.

I didn't bring a proper TT bike for the prologue so I started the weekend at a serious disadvantage. The road race the next day was my best chance to jump forward in the GC but a moment of inattention caused me to lose contact with what ended up being the winning break.
Today in the circuit race, however, there was no mistake. I initiated the break. Took the time bonus at the midway prime and drove the breakaway to the final strait where I out sprinted my break-mates for the win.

In the end I didn't quite make back all the time I needed for a money spot on the GC podium but it sure was nice to have a good race so early in the season. Usually I have to wait for Cyclocross.

Anyway. I'll be home midweek and I'll be bringing the warm weather with me. It's time to put those trainers away and get outside for some real riding.

Keith Bayly


Anonymous said...

I'll update the ABA, I think that puts us in first for theseason so far.

Seriously though, good job Keith and I think I still owe you a lead out.

Rod M.

Dennis said...

Wow great result! However when you get back to Calgary this week you might not want to put the trainer away... yet.

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