Friday, March 20, 2009

Sun ride.

Hey everyone, once again i will be going out at 11:00am on Sun from Royal Oak Co-Op for a ride. Just a nice ride to get some base miles in, so it will be kinda easy. Thinking of going West past Cochrane on 1A, north on Horse Creek Rd., and the back east on Big Hill Springs road. Should be about 70 km, if cooler then maybe we can shorten it. I usually go if it is above 0 degrees. Not much for stops out there so if we go the distance bring some food and lots of water. Anyone interested???


Trevor Linden said...

Will Dan be there?

DalRock said...

OK Harlee, I'll get my Snow Mobile gassed up.
Trevor?. What happened in Pheonix last night ? 5 - 1 loss?. boooh.

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