Thursday, March 26, 2009

Saturday ride

Sounds like Saturday is going to be the sweetest day of the weekend and I am thinking that it would be a great day to get a ride in. Unsure of where I will head, but thinking of making it a longer one. Planning to leave from the Rocky Ridge Co-op at 11 am.

Let me know if you are interested in joining.


matt said...
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Anonymous said...

Hey up! I'll be out for a ride Saturday and will hook up with you guys at 11am (if you're still going - and if you don't mind me humming along on the old boneshake mtb?!?)

Mark said...

Simon, I am more worried about keeping up with you on my road bike. The plan is to head out unless things are really cold.

Mark said...

Unless the sun comes out and makes the fresh snow go away ... I think we are not riding today.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, looks like the snow has hampered us again! Bugger! Now I'll have to download Lockie's playlist just to get some motivation to ride the trainer.

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