Monday, March 16, 2009

Tonight's workout, and my non-cycling weekend.

Tonight at spin we make the switch to quality work primarily. So the workouts will get shorter and the intensity will go up. We only have a few more spins left, so I want to give people a sense of what to do outside once we get on the road and start getting ready for Bici GP and Velocity RR.

Also, I raced a 5km running race around Stanley Park on Sat. morning in the rain, while most of you were outside in the sun on your bikes. Whew... I felt like a cyclist trying to run, that is for sure. I made the decision this year to focus on the bike so I could be useful for our bolstered Cat2 team this year. I look forward to doing everything I can to get my teammates some wins. I hope the focus has paid off, because it sure took my running legs away!

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matt said...

i definitely hear you on the running legs being being gone Trev, lyndsay and i both raced in a 10 k running race in lethbridge over the weekend. our legs are SHOT!! hence our absence on today's spin. thats the last time i'll be doing one of those this year. haha

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