Monday, March 23, 2009

Dreaming of nicer weather. Ride Schedule

Here is a rough draft of a training group schedule. This will be lead by either one or two ride leaders that will really try to be present for the ride. If they aren't going to be there, they will post on the blog they won't be there at least 2 hours before the ride.

This is for when this damn weather starts cooperating.

Tues night (1):  Trev, Extreme Bean at 6:00pm, roughly 2.5hours. Intervals. No dropping.
Tues night (2):  Midweek Mayhem.

Wed night (1):  Harley, (Harley, let me know)
Wed night (2):  C4 Midweek Race Series (practice team tactics and attacking)
Wed night (3):  Cabin Ride (practice team tactics and attacking)

Thurs night (1): Darcy/Rob, Extreme Bean, at 6:30pm. Hill work. No dropping.
Thurs night (2): ??? (Need to fill this in)

Sat and Sun people will post ride times and locations. Or trash talk for upcoming races!


Scott G-C said...

What no Monday or Friday ride?!?

Trev said...

Well, I don't ride leaders for those... do you want to sign up?

If anyone wants to lead a weekly ride, I will add it. I just put basically what I knew down.


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