Friday, March 6, 2009

Sunday Morning Spin

I am covering Scott Curry's spin class again this Sunday, March 8th. The class starts at 9am (NOTE: We change our clocks this weekend!).

All SpeedTheorists are welcome, since he only had like 6 of his spinners there last time. I will have the first stage of Paris-Nice streaming live if it is broadcast at the same time. I think the first stage is a TT.

Leave a quick comment if you plan on attending so I get a general feeling of numbers.

UPDATE:  Unlike last time where Scott just gave me vague guidelines. This morning he actually gave me a workout. Looks like it will be a fairly straight forward set for us. But it will slot in nicely between a hard Sat. and a hard Mon.   Here is the workout:

15min warm-up
15min (single leg drill, 3x1min on/30both; 2x 30sec build cadence with SLD/1min both normal cadence)
10min HR1-2
2x(15min of alternating 2min HR2/1min HR3,...followed by 5min HR1 standing every even minute - goal is to recover even while standing)
2x(15min of alternating 1min HR2/2min HR3, followed by 5min HR1, standing every even minute)
5-10min cooldown

His group then does some core and then a transition run.

Tom:  It would be great to meet some of your garage gang. I know we can fit a lot of dudes in there if we have to. We will put Alex and Rob up on the mechanic bench if we have to. Rob has been asking to workout up there for months anyway.


RobLukacs said...

How long will the class be? I have to be somewhere at 11, as long as I can make that work I'm there

Lockie said...

I'll be there to spin my guts out...

Anonymous said...

I'll more than likely be there. I will confirm Saturday.

Anonymous said...

I might be able to make it if you have room. There might be a few of us from the garage if that's ok.


Anonymous said...

Sounds good, but I'm not acronym compliant so you may have to explain the drills to me.... I'm a slow learner so speak slowly and use small words.

There might be three or four of us from the garage.


Andy H said...

I plan on attending.

Trev said...

I don't really understand many of the acronyms either. That is how I was able to twist the last workout I covered for him into sometime I wanted to do.


Scott G-C said...

I hope that I can make it, but Sunday I was going to do at least 20% in HRM-wicked.

Anonymous said...

I'll be there.

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