Sunday, July 5, 2009

Wed Night C4 Race. 16km ITT. Aero gear is a go !

We are hosting this one. We have the Bearspaw course again. This time, please park on Sidgurdson Bay. We got a complaint last race from a resident on Nagway Road. We DON'T want to screw this course up for the Bear's Paw Open. So PLEASE, keep your eyes open for vehicles and smile and wave.

Maybe a few of you who did GWN could volunteer for this one? We need 4 people again. I would like to race this one in my quest to get some fitness back.

We WON'T do a mass pre-ride this time... so KNOW THE COURSE!! Either show up early enough to pre-ride yourself, or know it. First racer off at 6:31pm.

Here is the course we will do twice. It is a technical ITT since there are lots and lots of corners and it is very rolly. Pacing will be key so you don't blow up on the second lap:


Fausto said...

I can come and help out with this one.
I'll try to be there by six.

Simon said...

I'm about due to volunteer for one of these Wednesday night races, so count me in as a volunteer if you need me (otherwise I'll pedal it)

Darryl said...

I'm in. I'll hold bikes, point at corners, count down. Whatever. Gimme a clipboard and I'll start my plans for world domination.

Scott said...

Hi Trevor, It is Scott again, Matt McKay's friend. I helped out at the race the ring. If you need another body let me know. I could come out an give a hand.

Jared Green said...

I can volunteer.


Trev said...

OK thanks guys. That would be awesome if Keith, Darryl, Scott, Jared, and Mike H. came out to volunteer. Simon, can you race Stampede? If so, let's get you doing this as a final prep.

The volunteer commitment won't be that big this Wed. Probably from 6:15pm - the latest 8pm.

I will print out all the sheet and bring the stop watches.

Scott G-C said...

Is this ride rain or shine.

Trev said...

Yah... but I may not bring my race wheels if it is storming.


Joel said...

How about "tornado" or shine?

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