Monday, July 27, 2009

Sponsorship for the JayLap

Guys, does anyone have any experience with asking companies for 'help' in return for advertising. I am looking at asking companies that will directly help our bottom line. Like: does anyone have a relationship with Tim Hortons?? Last time we bought everything, but would they be willing to throw the food to us in return for there logo on our wicked awesome poster (which is coming soon). Is there a company that can donate some prize money? Is there a company that can donate 5 vans for follow vehicles? Is there a motorcycle club that wouldn't mind riding with the racers to take video or something cool like that? Please come forward if you can take on one of these tasks.

I will be making up a detailed schedule of events in the next few days that will detail where and when we need people. Then you guys will have the opportunity to sign up yourself or your volunteer.


Dennis said...

The folks at Crankmasters have good experience with setting up advertising opportunities (M&M Meats and some oil companies). They may not have any suggestions for companies we can approach, but would have a good idea of the value of a sponsorship opportunity.

I'm not racing the crit so I could ride my sportbike around the course if required. I'm guessing a Stoney Trail interchange doesn't have a lot of sharp corners?

Trev said...

Dennis, that would be awesome if you could ride. There are a few hairpins, but they are over about 6 lanes (way wider than at Banff) so if you are comfortable with this, I could mark you down for this. It would be good to scratch this position off.

I have a video of the crit course I will post soon.


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