Tuesday, July 7, 2009

ST Cycling Team BBQ

OK, it is time for all of us to learn what we all look like without helmets and glasses on!

July 11th at 4pm... BBQ at my house. The plan... come to the BBQ, hang out, eat, watch the kids play on the dirt mound in my backyard and our new trampoline!! Maybe take over the trampoline and have cage matches !! Team members and family all welcome.

Then at around 7:30pm, wrap things up and those that are into it, go down the street to Dallas' to watch UFC 100 !! Lesner vs. Mir, and GSP vs. Alves

Then at 11am the next day at Stampede RR... hammer!

A few of the guys have donated their prize money to the beer fund so I will pick up lots of beer and wine for the BBQ and for the UFC. The club will be paying for all the food and UFC.

Please have a designated driver or plan a taxi if you plan on drinking more than you should to drive home.

(I will update with maps to my place and Dallas' place soon)


DalRock said...

Sounds great Trev! Although too many Pre-race beers can affect your sprinting ability...
good thing I'm not a sprinter.

Joel said...

Unfortunately I am going to have to pass as I have other plans. :(

Rain cheque.

Tom K said...

Thanks for the invite Trev. Sadly, I'm off to the hilly roads of Saskatchewan tonight. Have a beer for me!

Scott G-C said...

This BBQ is it BYOC (Bring your own Chair).

Trev said...


Mark said...

Bad timing ... was excited about this until I saw the date. I get back from chaperoning a group of kids down to Montana on Sunday afternoon. Looking forward to focusing on training once my marathon of work is done!

DalRock said...

girls welcome too of course. It won't be just a sausage party... bunch of guys standing around with no shirts on watching guys on TV with no shirts beating up other guys with no shirts.

And there is a race the next morning too.


Harley Borlee said...

Hey Treve, sounds like a good time. Amanda and I will be there for sure with our own chairs. Amanda wants to know if there will be any vegie stuff for the BBQ?

Trev said...

Harley.... we have Veggie burgers and the Salad Jenn is making is a greek salad... no meat :)


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