Saturday, July 4, 2009

No Protour contracts for any of us.

Well, we hammered it out on a less technical, less climbing, slightly shorter course today. We did 100m of climbing on a 15.4km course. They did 200m of climbing on a 15.5km course.

Here are the three slowest times from the ProTour today:

178 Angelo Furlan 22:51
179 Kenny Robert van Hummel 22:56
180 Yauheni Hurovich Francaise des Jeux 23:22

Here are our times today:

1 Trev 23:43
2 Lachlan 23:58
3 Darren Nielson 24:01
4 Lorie Holte 25:02
5 Harley 26:54
6 Amanda Segoin 33:22
7 Jason Buijs 24:09 + 2km
8 Ashley Turgeon 29:31 + 2km

It sure gives you an idea of how fast these guys are. I am sure all three of the last place dudes were told to go hard but not even close to 'all-out' since they are pure domestiques. We went all-out.

Thanks go out to Dennis Bland who volunteered to time us!



Dennis said...

To invoke the "faint glimmer of hope" clause, Trev and several others weren't wearing full aero gear or disc/deep rim wheels which could have made up 20-30 seconds in the crosswind (which would have been more on a level course). Now there's just a matter of that extra 100 m elevation...

Fausto said...

You guys suck!

RobLukacs said...

Trev has been off a bike for a month and he still beat all of you!!

I think he really is a machine

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