Friday, July 31, 2009

Tour de Bowness

Who's in for the Tour de Bowness?

MC - Dallas
Women - 2 - Sandra (The Elusive Quad), Kelly (Crit, RR)
Cat2 - 5 - Keith (Crit, RR), Trev (Tour), Jared (Tour), Carson (Tour), Dennis (HC, RR),
Cat3 - 3 - Ryan (Tour), Stephen (HC, RR), Harley (Tour)
Cat4 - 5 - Rob L. (Tour), Clarke (RR), Thomas (Tour), Joel (Tour), Dan (Tour)
Cat 5 - 14 - Tom K. (HC,RR), Matt (Tour), Darcy G (Tour), Rob. W. (Tour), David M. (Tour), Mike Hoang (Tour), Darryl (HC, RR), Mike C. (RR), Mark (Tour), Carl (Tour), Chris Hooper (RR), Rick (Tour), Paul R. (RR), Peter Verburg (RR)

[Editor] OK, guys... a short Hill Climb like this requires a massive warm up with some short intense small chainring intervals prior to the start. I will try to get there early and set up my mag and be warming up early. Let's warm up 'en-mass'. I love warming up while listening to dudes that have just raced, with the 3-up format, there are some fun stories. We don't have a tent or truck this weekend due to the 70.3, but just look for me (Trev).


RobLukacs said...

Rob L

Cat 4 - Hill Climb, Crit, RR

Matt Mackay said...


Hill Climb, RR, Maybe Crit?

Darcy G said...

Darcy G

Cat 5 - HC, Crit, RR

RobWoolley said...

Rob W:
All in.

Clarke E said...


Cat 4 - Hopefully RR (might have to work/camp)

David said...

David M.
All in.

Mike said...

Mike Hoang
Cat 5 All 3

Fausto said...

Keith Bayly
Crit, Drinking, RR.
Yes. Drinking is a stage.
Too fat to climb hills.

DalRock said...

So far I'm MC' for all the races, and ya I'm still gonna Race a couple too... So you better be nice to me or i'll introduce you as 'the douche' on the race mic. )
IE:" insert your name_'the douche' of Speed Theory needs to attack a little more Bill"
" ya I agree Dali, 'that douche' is a real wheel sucker "

Jared Green said...

I am planning on racing all 3. Should be fun with 70.3 on the same weekend.

Keith, I am also too fat for the hill climb. But, that makes it all the more enjoyable.

Trev said...


Hill Climb,
then Calgary 70.3 on Sun morning,
then Crit on Sun evening,
then RR on Mon night.

Wicked weekend !!

Darryl said...

Darryl - Crash 5

No crit because I'm a fraidy cat and a whiner who will be volunteering at the half-ironman. That's right, volunteering. It's waaay harder than racing, so I'll need to rest. Also, there will be drinking.

Chewy said...

Way to go Trev!

I'll come to cheer for the crit Sunday night...and I'll attempt the RR after Calgary 70.3...I hope I wouldn't be too hungover.

let see how many laps I can do before I blow.

Thomas said...

Cat 4
Hill Climb
Crit (Love this course)
Road Race

Joel said...

Cat 4
Hill Climb
Road Race

Kailee said...


Women B

Hill Climb and RR

Carson said...

All in, and i'll be rocking the ST gear too!

Dennis said...

Cat 1/2 - HC and RR

Mark said...

All in!

Mark S ... Esquire. Looking forward to seeing everyone ... if anyone wants to ride I am available next Monday and Thursday.

Where did Carson come from ... what the heck ... have I been under a rock ... maybe!? Why is my tv talking about inmate mothers?? So many questions ...

polishbaba said...

I will be joining Trev in the crazy pursuit of hill climb, HIM, crit, and road race. However, I think Trev will be recovering better than me and he is doing this with complete sanity and I am doing this because I am at an age where I cannot remember what I have doine one day to the next!

Carl Miiller said...

All in.

Carl Cat 5

Ryan said...

Cat 3 - All in

Anonymous said...

Chris H

Cat 5 - Road Race (after 3 days of camping/drinking in Montana - good times!)

Relentless said...

Hill Climb and RR

Harley Borlee said...

Hey everyone, all 3 races. CAT 3.


Rick C said...

Maybe all 3 if I get my courage up.

Kailee said...

Hey Guys,

Unfortunately I will not be able to ride in this one... But I'm hoping to come support!

Good luck!!!

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