Monday, July 13, 2009

Stampede RR 2009- The Womem's Race

First of all, I want to congratulate Amanda for completing her first RR!! It was great to have another female teammate to ride with. As for the race, it was great! My race tactic was the same as always- stay with the group and have fun! And that's what happened. The 6 participants started out together, but half way around the first lap we split up into two groups. I managed to keep up with the "Big Girls" (more experienced riders) until the middle of the 3rd lap, when I dropped my chain on the series of hills along the back side of the course. Unfortunately I had to stop to put it back on, and despite my efforts, was not able to catch up to them.

I big thanks to the bici and synergy ladies who layed the hurt down and made me suffer! Also, great to see so many other speed theorists out there!


alejandro H said...

Hey kailee nice work on hanging with the big girls!! Not sure what was going on with chains? Harlee lost his lap 1 and I lost mine too! Anyways keep up the good work, good to see the speed theory girls representing :)

Marilyn said...

Awesome Kailee. I look forward to riding with you in some of the up coming races. Maybe this weekend at the Highwood Climb? You game?

Kailee said...

Hey Marilyn!

Are you just planning on going to ride highwood pass this weekend?? I can make sunday work.


Joel said...

Congrats Kailee!

Marilyn, the Highwood Climb race is cancelled this weekend, but Harley is trying to organize a ride I think.

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