Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Friday Ride and Social

I'm a single man for a week so I get to do stuff not normally afforded a married man with kids.

I challenge all Speed Theory Cat 5/4 and women to kick my sorry ass. If I lose, I'll buy the 1st round of beer at my house after. (In other words, expect a free beer at my house). All others can unofficially race amongst themselves.

Here's the plan:
6:30pm - depart from 22x and 37th street SW
Head S on 733, W on 549, N on 22 and E on 22x (about 53km) AKA, the Road to Nepal loop #1

[Editor:] Also look on Training Ride Forum for a ride posted by Trev for this Sat.


Mark said...

Hey Tom, I am in for tomorrow night.

Tom K said...

Sounds good.

See you then.

Darcy G said...


I'm in. I'm coming from Beddington, so if I'm a little late wait. 22X is so far south I'm going to get an accent.

Tom K said...

Don't forget your pass port Darcy.

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