Wednesday, July 1, 2009

TdF Prologue Time !!

Every year there is a Prologue at the TdF (sometimes there isn't), a bunch of us do an ITT as hard as we can on an easier course. This year, there is 200m of climbing on the real TdF Prologue, so we are doing 100m. Come out, bring race kit, don't bring race kit, whatever, and go full-on over the same distance as the ProTour dudes. We can then compare our times to theirs !!

Sat morning while they are hammering in France, we will be hammering in Calgary. THIS IS OPEN TO ANY RIDER WITH AN ABA LICENSE OR ANY CYCLING CLUB MEMBERSHIP. I don't care what club you ride for as long as you show up and throw down !! I am pumped for the Tour and I am sure almost all cyclists in Calgary are too, we have found this is a really cool way appreciate the awesomeness of those riders. In times past when the Prologue has been 6 or 7km, we have done a downhillish, tailwind TT compared to their flat, technical TT and still not beaten the slowest ProTour dude !! That's awesome.

Here is the course. Meet at the corner of TWP Road 250 and Range Road 32 at 10:30am or meet at Trev's house at 9am and ride out there with me.

Let's get a lot of people out and see if any of us can go as fast as the slowest ProTour rider !!

This is open to everyone. It is a non-sanctioned bout of sillyness that is super fun. C4 riders, come out !! We need one volunteer.

Here is the course:


Dennis said...

OMG that sounds like fun!

BTW I saw a gaggle of riders in downtown Seattle today with full-on aero gear and TT bikes with disc wheels... no idea what the heck they were doing in the traffic but got me in the mood to do another ITT...

Andrew said...


What time?

No rain I'm in..

I'll also be present to collect TdF Fundraising Pool Funds


Harley Borlee said...

I know everyone else knows the answer to this, but i have no idea what day! Could someone fill me in?

Trev said...

Harley, I have highlighted the section in my post you were looking for in Green



Harley Borlee said...

Oh, i read it three time Anyways i'll meet you at your house at 9:00am Sat morning.

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