Friday, July 10, 2009

Thought you should know.


I just wanted to let everyone know that last night a co-worker of mine was doing hill repeats at Edworthy yesterday, and some broke into his and is riding partners cars. Some stuff was stolen and thief attempted to make some purchases right away on there credit cards.

He felt it was more than just a random brake in since the locks on there cars where popped with a tool and every car in there riding group was hit. So someone might have been watching them.

Just thought people should know so they can protect themselves if leaving your car while doing a workout. He has reported it to the police, so hopefully this helps stop this in the future.


Dennis said...

Sad news, and unfortunately the thieves were very aggressive... it only takes 5 minutes to do a hill repeat and usually there are other people around the parking lot. But there are lots of hiding places for someone to watch you take your bike out of your car and ride away (which advertises that you will be gone for more than a few minutes). I guess if you can't ride there, parking on a nearby residential street is an option. Thanks for the heads up.

Fausto said...

Uhhhh, they drove to Edworthy.
To do hill repeats? In July?
The thieves are the only ones who did anything right in this story.

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