Friday, July 2, 2010

ITT Results From Master's Nationals

Hey all,

Some Speed Theory members that are little more, um, mature and experienced are in Devon this weekend for the Master's Nationals. The ITT was today, and results are here.

Of note:

Master 50-59: Rick Courtney, 8th; Michael Godfrey, 15th; Mike Healy, 23th; Carlos Salas, 25th.
Master 40-49: Dennis Bland, 10th; Keith Bayly, 12th.
Master 30-39: Thomas Yip, 8th; Slayer Dan, 10th; Darcy Gullacher, 13th (.4 seconds from 12th...)

Tomorrow are the road races.


Lockie said...

Awesome, guys!! Have fun in the crit & RR!

Robert said...

Nice work!

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