Friday, July 30, 2010

Niklas Group - 2010 Tour de Bowness

As I'm sure most are aware, the Niklas Group Tour de Bowness is happening this weekend. Road race in bearspaw, Hill Climb TT at COP, and the infamous Bowness Criterium in all it's Bownesian glory. This is always a great event and the Niklas group and others are offering up some amazing prizes. Plus we have the ever talented Michael Godfrey and Dallas Morris on the mic for the Crit.

Registration closes on Friday at 6:00pm.

All technical information is available here:

Who's gonna throw down?:
Cat 1/2: Dennis B (All), Lockie (All), Jared (Crit)
Cat 3: Thomas (RR), Harley (All), Clarke (RR, HC)
Women: Natalie (All), Tanya S (RR)
Cat 4: Jason B (All)
Cat 5: Steve P (HC, Crit), David M (RR, Crit), Jevon A (All), Reinier P (All)


Steve P said...

I'll be there for the HC and Crit
Steve P [Cat5]

David said...

Road Race + Crit - Cat 5

Jevon Almond said...

lets throw down!


Carl Miiller said...

Sorry guys,
I found an awesome 17 mile race loop at McDowell Mountain Park but one of the drops 'ate me'. Left a bit a skin and broke two rib.

I can still ride but it really hurts to get out of the saddle or laugh so I'm not racing till further notice.

Apparently I need to find a 'real mountain biker' to show me how to ride. So the request is out. Hope to be back road racing late August.

I have no skill and little fear, bad combination I guess.


Reinier said...

Ready to throw down, or up, whatever it takes!
All three - cat 5

Dennis said...

HC, RR and possibly CR. I've been travelling in 4 different time zones for the last 2 weeks so my results should be.... interesting.

Harley Borlee said...

I'm in for all three.

Lockie said...

If there's racing to be had, I'm in. I might not show up on time, but I at least plan to race :)

Carl! Sucks, dude. When you're back on the saddle, we should get a ST MTB ride happening.

Dennis, if you've been riding your bike in Europe, you'll get sympathy from no one.

Clarke E said...

HC and RR for me. I might do the crit...haven't decided yet.

Carl Miiller said...

Sounds like a plan Lockie. I'll post something when I've mended, then we'll get a ride organized to teach me (and whoever else wants to learn) the MTB basics.


Jason B said...

I'm in all three.

Natalie said...

I'm in for all 3.

Jared Green said...

I am in for the crit.

Tanya Salomon is in for the road race.

Darcy G said...

I'm in for the HC and Crit.

Darcy G (cat 5)

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