Sunday, July 18, 2010

Stampede RR pics


Jevon Almond said...

A few pics from the race.

Both of my tires flatted on the not so clearly marked potholes early in the race & the wheel car was MIA.

Interested to see how the race/breakaway transpired

Kyle Marcotte said...

Thanks for the photos Jevon. That one steep hill seemed to get less steep each lap but new hills were discovered, especially as the winds picked up. I'm glad we finished before the hail.

Speed Theory had a really strong team yesterday. Lots of big engines. Trev and I were lucky to get in the break but I'm sure that it could have been any number of Speed Theory riders breaking away. Thanks for not chasing us down!

Tom K said...

A tale of Whoa from Cat B.
It's not often I wished I was one year old but yesterday I could have used a year to keep me from racing the B category. "Whoa!" I said to myself after my lungs were bleeding from the first hill climb on the first lap! But, having misplaced confidence and tenacity I said to myself, ‘self, go get 'em’. They're not that far ahead. Fortunately, I was not the only one suffering from a pulmonary edima (or however you spell that). Andrew, another cat 5er and Wednesday night aficionado was with me and together we worked our tongues off trying to catch the pack. Just as we thought we were going to catch them, they'd somehow stretch further into the distance. It felt like some sort of mirage. At the start line I counted; they were only 10 or 15 seconds ahead of us. For sure we can get them up the long hill. But again, they pulled away from us ever so slightly and by the time were at the top of the hill the group of 8 or so had pulled away even further.
We worked harder on the downhill and by the time we were on the corner before the big hill we were 45 seconds behind. ‘How the hell did that happen’ I asked myself... I didn't answer. By the time we hit the third lap, I could see though my sweat filled, bleeding eyeballs that they were long gone. I questioned if a fourth lap was warranted but I hate to quit so off we went. We rolled up a few other guys from cat B and from the A/Elite group. Some hung on but they all fell off except for a fellow from Vancouver. The three of us worked together for the last 15km or so.
I was cooked like a butterball at Christmas when we passed the start line. The last 4km was tough but all three of us rolled over the line at the same time (very sporting of us don't you think?) for 8th place.

Although not a stellar placing, I can comfort myself that I left it all out there. Thanks Andrew for the help.

Thomas said...

Any reports from the other categories?

Kailee said...


Awesome race report! You're not riding hard enough until you're either throwing up in the ditch or your lungs are bleeding... From the sounds of it, you were racing hard!

Good job to all the Speed Theory participants!


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