Thursday, July 15, 2010

Though I'd let the Team know Kailee took a nasty spill this morning, she's ok overall, but... has a broken wing. She'll be in surgery tomorrow for some bionic commando parts installation.
- This would be a fractured Olecranon process, quite nasty, otherwise known as a 'broken elbow'.
Rest up Kailee ! See ya soon slugger.



Simon F said...

Wow! that looks brutal.... Get well soon Kailee.

Simon F.

Thomas said...

Rest up Kailee; hope you're back on the bike soon.

Trev said...

Kailee, I feel really badly for you. Hopefully you can keep your spirits up and be back on the bike soon.

Can you bend your arm or are you casted straight? Are you going to set off every metal detector at the airport now even when nude?


Marilyn said...

Kailee, I am sorry to read that you broke your elbow. You are so smokin fast right now too. Bummer. Keep squeezing your little butt cheeks, that will help keep you fit.

polishbaba said...

I am so sorry to hear about this Kailee. It really sucks. Keep your spirits up! Who am I gonna bike with now?

Lockie said...

That totally sucks, Kailee!! But since you're so fit, your body will repair at lightning speed!

Kailee said...

Thanks for the well wishes! Hope to make it out to madden on Sunday to support you at the race.

And yes Trev, I'll be setting off metal detectors every where I go! Not sure what the permanent cast will be like, but for now it's full arm bent at 60degrees.


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