Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Quick update on Trev

I've heard through the rumour mill that I was in a bad cycling crash. Here is where I have really been..

A few of us went out to Sundre on the weekend (Sat.) to take part in the 5 Peaks Trail Race and then go film the Bergen Road Race course. We stayed up in Sundre that night since the plan was to ride long on Sunday since the roads around there are challenging, beautiful, in good shape, and not too busy (the road race is going to be AWESOME).
Throughout the night I was feeling pretty weird and broke out in a fever. Once the morning hit, I am glad I have some good friends to tell me to give my head a shake when I still insisted I was good to ride. Leaving Sundre I deteriorated and decided to hit up the hospital there. They said I was having a reaction to a swollen lymph node in my throat that I guess I didn't take seriously. They gave me oral antibiotics and told me if it gets worse to hit up another hospital. On the way home and back at the house I was a mess. We decided to go to Foothills where they put me on IV antibiotics and said some bug must have really hit me hard. Throughout the night in the hospital the doctor picked up a heart murmur. No doctor had ever told me that previously, therefore he was going to have to check it out. This could be an accumulation of bacteria on a valve, a serious condition. In the morning (Mon.) I went for an Echocardiagram and had blood taken. The echo showed something suspicious on one valve and some back flow. Then the health care wheels started turning in full force. I was admitted, lots more blood taken, and given a sexy gown. An internal heart ultrasound was scheduled for Tues afternoon and it was a waiting game of nerves. The doctors said it could be bacteria on my valve, but it could also be a lucky pick up if it was actually something wrong with my heart. Tues arrived and they collected more blood by adding a second IV line for more tests. The internal ultrasound was weird since they don't put you under physically, but mainly mentally. I 'woke up' talking cheerfully to the nurses and Marilyn. That was a strange sensation. I then had to wait until Tues evening to hear the news that the internal ultrasound ruled out bacteria on my valves or significant leakage, which was a big relief. The blood cultures came back and there was no bacteria in my blood either. A set of chest Xrays on Wed morning were also clear. So it all boiled down to a diagnosis of a psycho pharyngitis that didn't rear its head until it gave me a crazy fever and cramps. I just got out of the hospital this late afternoon and am happy to be outside and about again! Thanks to all those that found out and contacted me in the hospital, I really appreciated it .... oh... and the doctors said I can race this weekend.

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Jevon Almond said...

good to hear the captain is all good

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